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Register domain name yourself?
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You can register domains name yourself but is it worth it? You will not save much. You may even lose.
Why lose money. (one of the most reputable domain registration services) charges $35 = R400 per .com registration. CyberFace charges R250 plus v.a.t.
There are cheaper .com domain registration points, but how do you know you are dealing with a good one?

Check our free domain offer.

Uniforum and domain registrations

We hate to say it, but Uniforum (the only registering authority) has a form that is out of the Ark! Try and work out what you fill in under the following headings: Primary server FQDN, Primary server IP address, Secondary server FQDN and Secondary server IP address.
Then there is the issue of knowing what to do about moving domain names, parking them and pointing them.

Use a reputable domain name registration site

Rather use a reputable company with a good service record to do the registration for you.
The cost of domain registration at CyberFace is R250 plus v.a.t. for, .com or other domains.

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