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Do without your own domain name? no! No! NO!

Establishing your web site is going to cost you a good deal of your time and money. Not having your own domain name is a sure-fire way to waste both.
Do not even consider trying to save the R285 (US$25)it is going to cost you to register your own domain name. How can you avoid the cost? By signing up for a free domain service such as name.html. BUT the opportunity cost is much too high.
The poor impression you create (rank amateur!) and the poor search engine listings that will result, will cost you hundreds of times the amount of money you so-called save.
Would you buy a used car or anything else from a person who hid behind such an alias? Not having you own domain names is as bad as having a 'hit counter' on your front page or not putting your contact details on your web site.

Poor search engine listings

Why poor search engine listings? Search engines receive hundreds or thousands of submission from such 'free' domain names each day. They accept the first few and regard the rest as spamming.
High search engine listing are essential to the success of any web site. Having you own domain name is the first step towards achieving such rankings

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