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Including keywords and keyword phrases
in domain names

Some search engines give 'higher rankings to domain names that include their prime keywords and phrases. The same applies to individual page names.
This reward system may well become more prevalent in the future. In stems from the search engines determination to list pages and web sites that REALLY are about the subject them claim.

Length can become a problem

A downside of including keywords and keyword phrases in a domain name is that doing so may lengthen the domain name and make it less memorable.
One solution is to register two domain names: a key word rich long one that is hosted. AND a short one that 'points' at it (people who look for it are automatically redirected to the actual web site). This can result is the best of both worlds.
Another reason for registering more than one domain is to block other people 'almost' copying your domain name - registering domain names YOU would not like THEM to have.
Incidentally, domain names can consist of up to 67 characters but it is NOT recommended that all be used. Imagine tou, let alone your clients trying to remember this domain names which is just 67 character long:

Useful Tip

It is important to understand that directories (there are only a few) index WEB SITES, BUT search engines (of which there are many) list the individual WEB PAGES. Hence the need to be creative about page URL's as well as domain names.

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