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A or a domain name?

The use of a domain name gives you a more international image. Good idea if your target market is international and/or you wish to 'hide' your country of origin.
If your target market in South Africa, we recommend that you register a domain name - because it will be clearly recongizable as South African. If international, tend towards a unless you are seling products, such as crafts, which are distinctly from South Africa. domain name downside

The downside is that tens of millions of domain names are already registered - compared to about 107,000 names. This makes is much more difficult to get the name you want.
No suitable name available in Then is second best and third best. New domain names (such as will take time to become accepted.

Useful Tip

The Internet IS a visual medium, BUT search engines index web sites textually. So a page that has nothing but pretty pictures will NOT get listed by the search engines.

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