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Domain name search to check availability of the name you want

This domain name search facility enables you to check the availability of domain names world-wide(including .com and Just type in your choice.
Before your web site can be 'on the web' you must have a domain name. This name needs to be officially registered to ensure that you own it and that nobody else can use it.
Before you can register your domain name you should decide on one or more possible names and ensure that nobody else already owns the name you have in mind. You can do a domain search to check on the 'availability' of one or many possible domain names by entering your choice in the domain search box below and clicking on 'Enter'
Note: If you want to check more than one domain name, complete the first check and repeat with new name.
Note: Remember to enter the proposed name after the http://www and to ADD a (South Africa) .com (USA commercial) or other country name after 'yourname'.



List of domain names for all countries

We are happy to register your domain name for you. To enable us to do so, we will need your details. Click here for domain names registration.

FULL cost of registering domain

The FULL cost of a domain name registration for,
.com, .net or .org is R250.00 plus v.a.t. = R285.00
If we are hosting the site for you then the following costs need to be included.
Hosting set-up fee:    R299.00 plus v.a.t.
First month's hosting: R 131.00 plus v.a.t. (unless you need special features)
The first month's hosting cost is applied to the first month
during which your web site is actually 'up'.

Give careful thought to the domain name you choose - it can
significantly affect your future business. For information
on ideal domain names. or
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