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CyberFace South African domain names registration service

Unlike countries like Germany and Australia, South African domain names registration is not restricted to local citizens. $30 each per annum over two years.

Such domain names give you access to url names already 'taken' in other countries - only 124 000 names registered as opposed to millions of .coms .

An additional benefit of registering South African domain names is that it enhances your prospects of getting your site listed on local search engines such as Ananzi and Aardvark. Your site will still need SOME relevance to South Africa, but the domain name makes your listing life a lot easier.

The cost of registering domain names compared


One year

Two years

One year

Two years

Company A*










Company B*





  • We used to name the companies, but were threatened with legal action!

  • For the approximate cost in US Dollars or Euros divide the above amounts by 6. Exact amount subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

  • prices exclude v.a.t.

  • In all cases, CyberFace offers the best prices.

  • In addition, CyberFace creates a FREE, temporary, hosting account (essential for where you can 'park' your domain names until you decide whether to host with CyberFace, or elsewhere.

  • Credit card payment through the international WorldPay system. Payment in US Dollars, Euros or South African Rands.

  • BEWARE. Some companies register domain names in their own name, for convenience, they say. In practise, this means that you cannot move your domain names to another hosting company without their permission or a court order.

  • Ensure that your South African domain name registrations are in YOUR name! We GUARANTEE to do so.
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